Run into a snag using the AARP Health website? Take a look through our frequently asked questions below relating to various aspects of using the site.

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Why do some words on the site
appear in blue?
This is a common navigation feature on web sites. Underlined text is generally a "hyperlink". A hyperlink enables you to quickly jump to another page on the site that provides you with more information related to the underlined words.
Whom should I call if I have a question
about using the site?
If you have problems using the site, including registering or logging into your account, the AARP Health Customer Contact Center can assist you. Please call:
1-800-523-5800, Monday-Friday, 9a.m. - 9p.m. and
Saturday 9a.m. - 5p.m.
What software do I need on my computer
to access this site?
You should have any operating system that can support the browsers identified. These include but are not limited to Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Linux, or Apple-Mac operating systems. You'll also need one of the supported web browser programs listed.
What browser should I use?
The site is best viewed using one of the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later and Firefox version 1.5 or later. You can check your browser version by opening the browser and then clicking on "Help" at the top of the menu bar.
Does my computer need special settings to use this site?
You should not need to make any changes to your computer settings to access the AARP Health web site. We designed the site to look best when your computer is set up to display 16 bit color and a screen with a resolution of 1024 by 768 or higher. You can use the site with a computer that is setup to display 256 colors and 640 by 480 resolution, but it may not look as clear.
What type of computer do I need to access my account?
Your computer should have the following minimum configuration:
  • CPU/Processor: 486DX/66 MHz or higher
  • Memory: For Windows 98 and XP, 32 MB memory (256 MB recommended)
  • Modem: 56 Kbps minimum or high speed internet connection (DSL or cable) recommended
  • Video: Display resolution of 800 x 600 with 256 color resolution minimum (1024 x 768 recommended)
  • Input Device: keyboard and/or mouse
I forgot my username and password.
How do I obtain it?
You can access your username or password by clicking on the following link: Forgot Login
Why did my "Your Account" session
end while I was away from my computer?
The "Your Account" features display personal health information. To safeguard your privacy, we automatically end any "Your Account" session that has been inactive for 15 minutes. You should Login again to return to "Your Account" information.
I accessed this web site from a computer at the library. How do I get connected to the Internet from my home computer?
You need to contact an Internet Service Provider to connect to the Internet from your home computer. The provider will charge you a monthly fee and will provide you with software and instructions on how to connect to the Internet. You can consult the telephone yellow pages for the names of providers that serve your location.
Is there a charge for registering and using the "Your Account" features of the web site?
There are no charges or fees associated with using the “Your Account” features on the web site.
How do I access the Enrollment Applications?
The AARP Health site offers online enrollment for a number of products (though not all products). To access the online enrollment application, you must first select the product you are interested in and provide us your age and location so we can determine if the insurance providers we work with offer the product in your area. Once this step is completed, and if the product is available in your area, you will reach a page that gives you an overview of the product you’ve selected. Select the "Apply" button in the menu on the right to start the online enrollment process. Please note: once you begin the process, JavaScript must be enabled to complete an online application. To enable scripting: select Tools from your browser window. Then select Internet Options, Security. Make sure Scripting is Enabled.
Some applications may be formatted as PDF (Adobe Acrobat) documents. You must have a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader program to view and print the application. You can print the application by clicking on the printer icon at the top of the Adobe Acrobat Reader window. You can then complete and return it in accordance with the instructions.
To get a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader program at no charge, click on the icon above. Follow the instructions on the Adobe site to download the free Acrobat Reader program.
Once you have successfully downloaded the Adobe Acrobat Reader program, you can open any PDF document by clicking on the desired link.
Does this site use "cookies"?
This site uses "cookies" to store information you may enter (such as your age and date of birth) to provide a rate quote or enable an enrollment application to be viewed. Storing this information in a cookie enables you to move around within the site without re-entering information that may be needed later on another page, such as to obtain a rate quote for another insurance product.
You must enable your browser to accept cookies in order to use these features.
If you use Internet Explorer 5.x:
  • Click the Tools menu and then select Internet Options
  • Select the Security tab and click the Custom Level button
  • Scroll down to the Cookies section
  • Enable both options and then click OK
If you use Internet Explorer 6.x:
  • Click the Tools menu and then select Internet Options
  • Select the Privacy tab
  • Select the Advanced tab
  • Select the setting "Override automatic cookie handling"
  • Adjust the settings so that it does not say "Block All Cookies"
  • Select the setting "Always allow session cookies"
  • Click OK
How do you protect my privacy when I use this site?
The Privacy Policy link at the bottom of every web page describes how we use any information that you provide to us.
We also protect your privacy when you access "Your Account" information. We do this by providing the following security features:
  • Before you can use "Your Account" features, you must obtain a unique User Identification Name. In addition, you must select a password
  • You must enter your User Identification Name, and Your Password to access the "Your Account" features on the site
  • We encrypt all information that is sent between your computer and our web site, using 128-bit SSL encryption
  • We have designed our web site with multiple layers of security
  • We provide continuous security monitoring that alerts us to potential problems
  • We continually update our security technologies
When I try to get product information, why do you ask me for personal information such as my birth date, the state where I live, and my zip code?
Not all AARP Health products are available to every age group and in every state. We ask for your birth date, your state of residence, and your zip code so we can determine which insurance products are available to you. We do not ask for any information that identifies you personally, such as a name and address.
Why do you ask me for so much information when I register for online account access?
The AARP Health online account enables you to apply online for a selection of the products available on the site in a completely secure manner. Also, if you do enroll in some of the products available on the site, you may be able to view personal information about your health care claims and payments. We consider this to be confidential information and we want to ensure that we display it only to you.
Does this site use pop-ups?
Yes, the site does use pop-ups for certain pages. If you want to see these pop-ups on your computer you need to enable this feature.
  • Open Internet Explorer
  • On the Tools menu, point to Pop-Up Blocker, and then click Pop-up Blocker Settings
  • If you want to see pop-ups from a specific web site, type the address (or URL) of the site in the Address of Web site to allow box, and then click Add.
TIP: To temporarily allow a site to display pop-ups, click the Information Bar when it notifies you that a pop-up has been blocked. Then click Temporarily Allow Pop-ups.